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  • To learn more about human trafficking and anti-trafficking services in your area
  • If you or someone you know has experienced human trafficking and is interested in receiving supportive services
  • To report a suspected case of human trafficking
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Toll free hotline available to answer calls anywhere in the US 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

Global Hotlines List: A list of human trafficking hotlines around the world.

Resources, Movies, & Books

To better understand the issue of trafficking and slavery, CAST recommends the following films, videos and books that take both a global and domestic approach to depicting victims of modern-day slavery. Click the title for more information.

Dept. Of Labor report on list of goods produced by child or forced labor

The 2016 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report

This TIP report shares policies and best practices already in place—and highlights areas of improvement.

Click here to download the report.

Human Trafficking In California: The Final Report of the California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force.

In September 2005, California enacted its first anti-traffi cking law (Assembly Bill 22, Lieber) to make human trafficking a felony in this state and assist victims in rebuilding their lives. This law, as well as Senate Bill 180 (Kuehl, 2005), also established the California Alliance to Combat Traffi cking and Slavery (CA ACTS) Task Force to conduct a thorough review of California’s response to human traffi cking and report its fi ndings and recommendations to the Governor, Attorney General and Legislature. The law charged the Task Force with examining whether we are doing enough to identify the extent of human traffi cking in this state, protect and assist victims, prosecute traffi ckers and prevent this violation of human freedom.

download the report here SafeState Report Oct 07.pdf

Child Trafficking Resource Project

The Child Trafficking Resource Project (CTRP) is part of the Child Trafficking Outreach Initiative, which was created to increase identification of child trafficking survivors in the Los Angeles Area. Child trafficking is an under-identified crime in the Los Angeles area as well as throughout the United States.

Visit the CTRP site for valuable resources.

T-Visa Working Group

The T-visa working group is a monthly call sponsored by CAST that provides a forum for attorneys working on human trafficking cases to ask questions about specific cases as well as receive training on issues affecting trafficking survivors. It is hosted once a month. Additionally participants are provided with updates and materials periodically.

If you or someone from your firm would like to participate in this monthly call, please complete the submission form below.

Overworked and Underpaid: H-2A Herders in Colorado

A Report by the Migrant Farm Worker Division of Colorado Legal Services
Download the Report >

Collateral Damage: The Impact of Anti-Trafficking Measures on Human Rights around the World

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

The U.S. Response to Human Trafficking: An Unbalanced Approach

The Women’s Commission

Rights to Survival and Mobility: An Anti-Trafficking Activists Agenda*

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum

Kicking Down the Door: The Use of Raids to Fight Trafficking in Persons*

Sex Workers Project, Urban Justice Center

Movies / Documentaries