What We Do

Serving the Survivors

Clients come to CAST in a variety of ways, including community- and faith-based organizations (CBOs/FBOs), law enforcement agencies (LEAs), Good Samaritans, and self referrals. Upon intake, the CAST staff assesses for emergency needs, such as housing, clothing, food, and safety, followed by a comprehensive assessment and legal interview that also address safety.  Attorneys then evaluate the legal needs and provide each client with the necessary education and information to make an informed choice about how to proceed with their case.

Combined social, shelter, and legal services are what continue to set CAST apart. To date, we remain the only organization in the country that offers all three branches of services in-house.  We know that victims cannot become survivors without all three—a social service advocate to ensure access to benefits and services and to provide supportive counseling, validation, and normalization; a shelter or housing program to ensure basic necessities are provided; and finally, critical legal services that assist victims in navigating complex criminal, civil, immigration, and other legal proceedings that ultimately deliver the person to full status and work authorization.

CAST also operates a toll free hotline. Please call:

  • If you or someone you know has experienced human trafficking and is interested in receiving supportive services
  • To report a suspected case of human trafficking
  • To learn more about CAST services and how you can get involved

CAST’s hotline is not associated with law enforcement or any government agencies.
Your right to confidentially and privacy will be protected at your request.


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Social Services
Legal Services


CAST’s social services goal is to help clients recover from years of abuse and trauma so they may become self-sufficient, thriving members of our community.

These services include: 

  • Access to food, shelter and job training
  • Intensive case management (information, assistance and legal education)
  • Mental health and wellness services (counseling, art therapy, peer support
  • Alternative non-Western healing therapies that are culturally appropriate
  • Education and life skills training (English as a Second Language, computer and financial literacy)

CAST’s social services program is a model throughout the country for its success in assisting clients in their journey from victim to survivor.
To date, CAST services have been successful in providing the following outcomes:

  • 90% of clients are able to establish stability and the beginnings of recovery from their trafficking experience
  • 85% of clients served report an increase in knowledge of self-defense
  • 85% of clients establish safety and stability through immigration and family reunification services


As the first shelter in the United States designed specifically to meet the needs of trafficking survivors, the CAST shelter not only provides physically and psychologically safe housing, but also services that other shelter programs are not always able to provide, including the Healing Garden where residents are able to plant herbs and spices they can use in their cooking to help provide a taste of their homeland that they miss so much.

The Healing Garden is a place of sanctuary for many who, for the first time in years, can take a silent walk or enjoy the trees and flowers in a peaceful, healing environment. CAST shelter residents have access to a multi-cultural, multi-lingual staff with extensive expertise in working with survivors of trafficking and other forms of trauma.  The shelter program has several important principles that direct the work we do with clients.

These include:

  • Focusing on the strengths and attributes of survivors to increase their self-esteem
  • Respecting confidentiality and safety
  • Fostering self-awareness and healing
  • Building communities
  • Providing residents with skills in conflict resolution, crisis prevention and management, and financial planning for personal stability
  • Supporting clients in starting anew by articulating and realizing personal goals

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CAST’s legal services program works collaboratively with clients, community-based organizations, public-interest attorneys, and numerous government agencies to ensure survivors of trafficking are provided linguistically appropriate, culturally sensitive, and victim-centered legal services. 

These services include:

  • Securing release from detention
  • Preparation for criminal trials 
  • Representation in removal proceedings 
  • Advocacy to protect rights as victim witnesses and to obtain Continued Presence and Certification
  • Obtaining child custody and restraining orders against traffickers
  • Establishing eligibility for refugee benefits
  • Filing for T-Visas created specifically for victims of trafficking

To comprehensively respond to survivors’ urgent legal needs, CAST coordinates networks of pro bono attorneys and founded the Trafficking Legal Clinic (TLC).  To date, CAST has a 100% track record in successfully obtaining visas on behalf of its clients.  The Parsons Foundation grant that made the TLC possible was later expanded in order to establish the Child Trafficking Resource Project (CTRP). 

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