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California Gov. Signs Bill Protecting Workers from Wage Theft

In a victory for low-wage workers victimized by unscrupulous employers, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill this week making it easier for employees to collect wages they’re owed. The measure, called the Fair Day’s Pay Act, gives the California Labor Commissioner the authority to penalize employers found guilty of wage theft, and to collect back payment on behalf of workers. Employers found to have stolen wages—and shell corporations created to evade judgements—must post... [more]


Meet Washington’s wage and hour enforcer

One year ago, Boston University economist and business writer David Weil took over as head of the Department of Labor’s most important office, the wage and hour division. In that time, his small corner of the federal bureaucracy has been transformed from innocuous cog to powerful lever in the recent efforts by Barack Obama’s administration to vigilantly police companies that violate the rights of American workers. Weil’s leadership in the fight against employee misclassification —... [more]


Carwash owners file lawsuit against NYC over new rules

A group of carwash owners have filed a lawsuit against New York City charging a new law illegally favors unionized carwashes. The Association of Car Wash Owners lawsuit centers on rules that require owners of nonunionized carwashes to post $150,000 surety bond before obtaining a license. Unionized operations pay only $30,000. The association says the two-tiered system is illegal.

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Car Wash Owners Sue City

Car wash owners are suing the city over a law that they say pressures them to create a unionized workforce. The measure requires non-unionized car washes to post a $150,000 surety bond in order to get a license while unionized establishments need only $30,000 bonds. “The city is trying to put its thumb on the scale to force you to unionize, and that’s not allowed,” said Michael Cardozo, attorney representing the car wash owners.

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Pinellas commissioners moving forward with wage theft recovery program

By tomorrow, Pinellas County will be one step closer to implementing a county-run wage theft recovery program. Pinellas’ county commissioners are slated to approve a public hearing notice for a proposed wage theft recovery ordinance at their October 20 regular meeting. The actual hearing is scheduled for November 10. The ball got rolling on July 30, when commissioners gave staff the go-ahead to develop the wage theft ordinance criteria. Since then, the county has allocated... [more]