What You Can Do


Knowledge is power – educate yourself about trafficking and how it affects you and your community – and then spread the word. Most people aren’t even aware that slavery still exists in our society, let alone that there are 27 million people enslaved around the world. Share this staggering statistic, and others like it in our Understanding Slavery & Trafficking section, and the powerful testimonials from our survivors with your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers and through the power of your online social networks. Become a fan of CAST on Facebook and Twitter and invite others to join you in order to spread the word.

Become informed in order to protect yourself and others around you – most victims of slavery and trafficking had no idea this could happen to them. Our online resources can help you learn how to detect and report a case, or invite CAST to come out to educate your community organization through information booths and speaking engagements. If your organization regularly interacts with potential trafficking victims, learn about joining our Collaborative Community and become part of the solution to abolish modern-day slavery.

For educational resources, please visit the Resources & Training section.