About the Issue


John was trafficked into the United States from Indonesia through promises of legitimate work at an assisted living community. John jumped at the opportunity because he hoped it would help him fulfill his dream of becoming a nurse. Upon arriving in the U.S. however, John found himself in a completely different situation than he had expected.

John and several other victims from East Asia were deceived into working for a couple who forced them to work long hours, which went easily unnoticed as they were all forced to live onsite. After several months of working under constant fear of physical abuse and deportation, John and two others were liberated by the FBI, which had been conducting an investigation of the business and its practices. CAST was able to assist the FBI in coordinating a quick and supportive response. A CAST staff member accompanied the FBI when they helped John escape, provided crisis services and placed him in a partner shelter program for men.

John suffered from extreme anxiety as the traffickers continued to actively search for him, harassing his family members, and going so far as to file false police reports of crimes he did not commit. The FBI worked with local law enforcement to address these false claims while CAST provided services to rehabilitate his mental health. Our strong and collaborative relationship with the FBI benefits the clients we serve, and improves the FBI’s ability to identify and apprehend more traffickers.