About the Issue


When she was in her late teens/early twenties, Kim was tricked into believing she was emigrating to the United States for legitimate work. When she arrived in New York City, however, she was forced into prostitution and bar work with many other women. Kim remained under threatened enslavement for more than a decade, and feared for her life if she tried escaping. Finally, she’d had enough. She decided that the risk of being caught and killed was worth it for the chance of breaking free, and she boarded a bus for California.

CAST worked with Kim to meet her immediate needs and focused on getting her rehabilitated and on the road to a normal life. Her physical and mental health quickly improved while living at the CAST shelter so that she was able to work with the Social Services team to get legal representation. After so many years of enslavement, Kim is now ready to consider what action to take so that she can speak on behalf of other victims like herself and advocate for change.