About the Issue


Lulu is in her thirties and was illegally brought to Los Angeles in 2008 from her home country in Asia by a labor trafficking operation under FBI investigation. Lulu was an educated Asian woman who believed she was coming to America for a legitimate job opportunity. When she arrived, she realized that she had been sold into slavery. Through repeated physical and sexual abuse, traffickers broke her. When she was rescued, she was in a corner of the house that was being raided, holding on to a teddy bear.

Lulu obtained a Work Authorization card one month after coming to CAST, which allowed her to find a steady job with an employer that treated her well. Lulu saved money and was able to enroll part-time in a nursing program. “When I was with my [previous] employer, I did the same thing everyday, I was stuck. I did not feel hopeful of what my future was going to be because I could not see what was going to happen tomorrow. Now, I feel hopeful. I can dream. I can see myself doing something with my life in two weeks, in two months. I am free now.”