Human trafficking survivors need your help. California is considered one of the largest epicenters of human trafficking in the United States and every day, vulnerable women, children, and men are forced into servitude. Governor Newsom and the Legislature have the opportunity to address this epidemic and provide critical supportive services to human trafficking survivors in next years budget.

Together we can send a strong message to Governor Newsom and the Legislature that will get survivors the support they need:

  • Traffickers commonly exploit sex and labor trafficking victims by providing access to shelter and necessities.
  • Traffickers prey on vulnerable populations such as the homeless, those fleeing abusive relationships, and immigrants through recruitment into what seems like legitimate employment.
  • California’s high unemployment rate makes those seeking work even more vulnerable to trafficking.
  • Higher rates of trafficking are expected as the pandemic continues globally.

With $30 million in additional funding, California can prevent human trafficking before it occurs and provide the resources necessary to survivors during and after this crisis.

Take a moment to listen to Deborah, a survivor of trafficking, speaking about the importance of funding to prevent human trafficking here.