About the Issue

Are You a Survivor of Human Trafficking

The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) helps people who have been in forced prostitution, forced labor and slave-like conditions by providing legal and social services, including shelter and shelter referrals.

Any survivor of human trafficking, whether it’s labor or sex trafficking, a foreign national or a U.S. citizen, or an adult or a child can receive CAST’s services at no charge.

You are a human trafficking survivor if:

  1. You were FORCED OR THREATENED TO WORK at any type of job and you could not leave it
  3. You were UNDER 18 and you engaged in prostitution

No one has to have hit you or put you in chains for you to be a victim of human trafficking. People can be controlled by others in many different ways. The law protects you even if you didn’t recognize that you were being controlled until later.

CAST Can Help You

CAST has lawyers and case managers who can help you with:

  • Finding safe housing
  • Getting a protective order if you are scared of someone
  • Advocating for you if you are a witness in a criminal case
  • Being able to stay and work legally in the United States if you are from another country
  • Reuniting with your family 
  • Clearing up a criminal record so that you can more easily find a job
  • Obtaining identification papers such as birth certificates or social security number
  • Obtaining medical care 
  • Obtaining mental health care from people who understand what you have been through
  • Supporting you if you want to report the crime against you to the police 
  • Finding job skills training and employment
  • Developing life skills and personal planning

To learn more contact CAST at:
1 (888) Key 2-Freedom or 1-888-539-2373