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Cast is postponing our 2020 fundraising gala because we are ‘Safer At Home.’ But for victims of human trafficking, home isn’t safe. They are trapped with their traffickers and vulnerable to even greater abuse. They need safe shelter, now.


This public-health outbreak should not be the reason human trafficking survivors remain trapped. With our annual fundraiser now postponed, we are confronting a $750K shortfall while facing an unprecedented increase in demand for our services. Stay safer at home and help a survivor have a place called home too.

Please give to Cast’s Emergency Relief Fund today!

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  • $25,000 responds to breaking cases and provides support to victims for six months
  • $10,000 pays for hygiene supplies, food and basic necessities for survivors in our emergency housing
  • $5,000 allows shelter residents and youth clients to continue their education online
  • $500 provides cleaning essentials for our shelters
  • $100 provides emergency hotline support to a victim trying to escape trafficking
  • $50 provides a ‘Freedom Bag’ filled with clothing, hygiene products, and a blanket

Under the LA Mayor’s ‘Safer At Home’ order, Cast is considered an ‘essential business’ and we remain open. Every day, we are getting victims out of danger and into shelter. We are working around the clock so that victims don’t have to ‘shelter in place’ but can be placed in shelter. Home.

As the impact of COVID-19 unfolds, we are doing all we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and the survivors we serve. We are adapting our programs to continue meeting the urgent needs of survivors, including:

  • Providing 24/7 emergency response to breaking trafficking cases through our 24-hour hotline.
  • Getting survivors to immediate safety at our shelters, with added safety measures to protect residents and staff.
  • Increasing remote social services to survivors, such as access to groceries and hot meals, providing financial assistance, and hosting virtual social events to keep our at-risk youth connected.
  • Remote emergency access to our immigration attorneys to ensure survivors know their rights at a time when they are very afraid.

There has never been a time when survivors need us more. Victims of human trafficking are facing new barriers to safety, health services, housing, and employment. They are trapped with their traffickers and vulnerable to even greater abuse. We cannot turn our back on survivors at a time when they need us most. They need safe shelter now.

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