The Assembly included a $10 million continuing request from the general fund in their budget for specialized services for trafficking victims. The Senate did not. This means we will go to Conference.

We are asking for two things to support the $10 million budget item getting out of conference:


(1) By COB Wednesday 5/31/17 please email a new letter of support for the Conference process.

Sample letter of support click here

(2) Please make calls to the appointed Conference members listed below by COB June 1st asking them to support the $10 million in funding for specialized services for human trafficking victims.

Script: Hello, my name is ______________ and I’m calling on behalf of __Org. name if any. I’m calling to urge Assembly member /Senator____________ to support the $10 million in specialized funding for services for human trafficking victims in the California budget. Resources for human trafficking victims in California are scarce and this funding will help 21 organizations provide much-needed services to victims. Thank you!

  • Assembly member Philip Ting- (916) 319-2019
  • Assembly member Phillip Chen- (916) 319-2055
  • Assembly member Kevin McCarty- (916) 319-2007
  • Assembly member Jay Olbernote- (916) 319-2033
  • Assembly member Shirley Weber- (916) 319-2079
  • Senator Mitchell -(916) 651-4030
  • Senator Roth-(916) 651-4031
  • Senator Nielsen-916) 651-4004
  • Senator Moorlach- (916) 651-4037


In this call you can also highlight this CALOES data if you wish:

As a highlight the first year of the grant served 2521 victims. Other statistics include:

  • Number of Human Trafficking victims with disabilities – 219
  • Number of transitional aged youth (ages 18-24) Human Trafficking victims served – 1,046
  • Number of minor (ages 0-17) Human Trafficking victims served – 779
  • Total number of services provided (victims may receive multiple services, including of the same type): 39,776


Full CALOES data click here

Additional Materials on Budget Request:

$ 15 million request for specialized services and training and technical assistance for victims of human trafficking in CA. Funds for a prevalence study and funds to evaluate and model best practices in serving this population.

Factsheet on request click here
Survey on Impact click here