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Dr. Phil Podcast

The Need to Know About
Human Trafficking

Cast’s CEO, Kay Buck, joins television host Dr.Phil to discuss all you need to know about human trafficking on the podcast “Phil in the Blanks.” Kay takes a deep dive with Dr. Phil into dispelling the common misconceptions about human trafficking and shares how you can help survivors in your community. Tune in today!

There is so much suffering in the world. But, no matter how much the world feels beyond our control, Cast will never give up our hope for survivors. It’s up to us to ensure survivors have the support and services they need. Your gift to Cast keeps hope alive. Please donate to Cast’s relief fund today!


  • $25,000 responds to breaking cases and provides support to victims for six months
  • $10,000 pays for hygiene supplies, food, and basic necessities for survivors in our emergency housing
  • $5,000 allows shelter residents and youth clients to continue their education online
  • $500 provides cleaning essentials for our shelters
  • $100 provides emergency hotline support to a victim trying to escape trafficking
  • $50 provides a ‘Freedom Bag’ filled with clothing, hygiene products, and a blanket