Daniela came to the US to escape police brutality in El Salvador. She never expected to face even greater hardships. 

When Daniela entered Cast, she had been making good progress in her recovery from her trafficking experience and was happy to have been reunited with her family, who were escaping police brutality in El Salvador.

However, Daniela’s landlord did not want her family living with her, even temporarily. She knew her landlord would not offer protection if her trafficker came looking for her. The situation became so stressful that Daniela ended up in the hospital twice.

Cast’s Housing Case Manager Alejandra worked closely with Daniela to find safe housing and arrange rental assistance to ease the transition. After seven months, a determined Daniela was finally able to find a safe home she could afford! Now she is in a home she loves with her family and with an understanding landlord. 

If not for our Rapid Rehousing Program, Daniela and her family might be living on the street. Instead, she feels safe and secure enough to get back to work and re-enroll in her educational program.

Safe, stable housing made all the difference for Daniela. With your support, we can ensure survivors have a home to begin healing this holiday season. Click here to donate to Cast today!