For Dr. John Jain, Chief Fertility Specialist at the Santa Monica Fertility Clinic, advocating for the rights of others runs in the family. His sister, the late celebrated human rights activist Sunita Jain, has been his inspiration to support Cast.

Dr. Jain takes a humble and entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy. He knows that difficult problems require big, creative solutions, and that no one can solve them alone. That’s why Dr. Jain has centered his foundation around anti-trafficking policy, which supports Cast’s advocacy work through the Sunita Jain Fellowship. By 2025, Cast will create a bridge between practice and policy, where survivors are empowered to work with practitioners to inform a survivor-centered policy agenda. This evolution would be impossible without Dr. Jain’s leadership.

With the support of his Foundation, Cast has built a stronger anti-trafficking movement, including ensuring that almost two dozen other organizations across the state receive funding from the governor’s office.

With Dr. Jain’s support and the partnership of pro-bono government and public relations firms, Resolute and Perry Communications in Sacramento, we are now positioned to make an incredible $10M budget request for these organizations from the state. If approved, these critical funds will help mitigate the lasting impact of COVID-19 on essential programs and services. Dr. Jain is now passing on the family tradition of giving back, as his son Luke helped lead a human trafficking webinar at his high school in partnership with Girl Up. Their dedication is an inspiration to all of us working to end human trafficking, once and for all.

Together, we can be the community survivors rely on. Join us by making a donation to Cast. Click here to donate.