CAST coordinates a continuum of compassionate, whole-person care to help victims of human trafficking access the care they need to recover and thrive for a lifetime. Integrated services range from medical, mental health, and dental, to housing, legal, education, and leadership training. CAST also offers access to healing arts such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, along with workshops on nutrition, exercise, financial planning, and other life skills.

“We’re creating a community of self-care, where survivors feel empowered to take charge of their own health and lives. The people who come to us after they escape their trafficker have experienced a lot of trauma. Many have lost hope or trust in others. We take a complex trauma treatment approach that considers the total person – mind, body, and spirit – to help them heal and integrate back into society as healthy community members.” 

— Kay Buck, chief executive officer, CAST

Kaiser Permanente Southern California has partnered with CAST over the past decade to help the nonprofit enhance its services. Most recently, KPSC approved a $150,000, two-year grant in 2018 to help boost CAST’s efforts to:

• Enhance and coordinate whole person care services
• Develop a curriculum and train mental health providers on trauma-informed, evidence-based best practices to expand and improve mental health treatment
• Educate and advocate with policymakers, county officials, and community leaders on how to increase or improve access to emergency and permanent housing for trafficking victims

“Through our partnership with Kaiser Permanente, we can provide training of health care practitioners to identify survivors when they see them, as well as ensure survivors receive the best care possible,” Buck said.

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